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news 2.23.09:
- finally updated my email address!
- Blake has a new band The Thorns of Life!
- added the chords for the entire Four Cornered Night album!
- new photos
- bio updated


jets to brazil - 1997-2003

Welcome to the first and only Jets To Brazil fansite. You've arrived here because you recognize the
absolute genius of Blake Schwarzenbach. You have perfect music taste. Thanks for dropping by.
If you have anything you'd like to add to this website (guitar or piano tabs, photos, news,
etc.), please let me know by sending me an email.


This website contains many photos of the band. Oftentimes, I have no idea who took each photograph.
If a certain photo belongs to you, please do not ask me to remove it, instead, let me know who you are
so proper photograph credit can be given. The photos are included on this site for posterity and nothing more.
Copyright infringement is unintentional. If you are the owner of a particular photograph, please
allow it to remain on the website, if only for the fans.

This website contains full lo-fi song streams (NOT downloads), so as to showcase the brilliant music of
the band. There is no infringement of copyrights regarding streaming music. If you like what you
hear (and you should!), please continue to support the band by buying their CDs directly
from one of the following online retailers:

Thank you for supporting the music of Blake Schwarzenbach and Jets To Brazil.





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