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Here’s a direct link to the music and to the videos.
(Thank you so much for listening, and much love and respect to everyone out there who suffers from social anxiety).



I keep myself pretty busy, musically. Always have. I guess I’m best-known as the music/production behind trip-hop duo Beauty’s Confusion (2001-2007). Beauty’s Confusion has nearly 80,000 monthly listeners on, and almost 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, largely thanks to being included on a Spotify playlist called “Tune In, Drop Out”, and another called “Spotify Taiwan.”. Thanks for diggin’ that stuff. You may hear a new EP of unreleased music by Beauty’s Confusion in the coming months….

My main musical thing is Seldom Family (with my longtime friend Patrick). I play drums, bass, guitar and lap steel. I also record all of our songs and edit all of our videos. Check out our video playlist on YouTube.

I also make solo music as various names, including Boy In The Background, and my own name. I plan on releasing all of this in 2017. Had plans in 2015 and 2016, but got busy, and also was too shy to share it (I’m too shy to share a majority of shit I make, solo, sadly)… but, I want to get it out there.

Since 2008, I’ve collaborated with a good friend Jen McGrath on various music, most notably (in a tiny way), a dreampop/shoegaze album we released in 2013. Always liked Jen and making music with her. We record and release music currently as The Icicle Sound (we released our 2013 album as “Vertical Interval”, but changed our name back to The Icicle Sound, as we had that name initially). Here’s our first EP as that name.

I also do guitar/bass/drums/production/vocals in The Boring Extraordinary, Life As Migrants, & Tragically Mannequins with my good pal and equally socially-awkward brother from another mother, Mike. We will be releasing EPs and YouTube videos in October 2016, and much more in 2017.



I should mention that I used to be in a duo with my ex-girlfriend Stacy (2014 to 2016), but due to my own stupidity, mental issues, and dumbass male confusion (and lies), that has completely ceased. We wrote like 3 or 4 half-songs, half-finished a couple covers, and that’s about as far as it went.  I’ve been in a handful of bands that went nowhere, from the 90s til the present. That’s just how it happens, though. Meh. I basically ruined a lot of shit recently, too, including the destruction of Tentative Plans, with Cait Kellagher, my former girlfriend and best friend. I still post photos to our Instagram in hopes some people will find the music, but… whatever.




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