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  1. Lynn Kimure

    Just read your review of the movie..Elizabethtown ,,,,I feel the same thing actually looked up real estate to think if Icould move their,…Want to follow his same road trip from Kentucky to Cali…Canadian Girl..that lives in Northern Cal….Email………

  2. Nick74

    support on PositionalSensing (Ride)

    Hey bcmusic/Chris,

    I can provide pro support and set it up for you.

    (Couldn’t send you forum PM …)

    Nick74 :)​

    On Vdrums forum you wrote:
    “How exactly are you stacking things, to get the different articulations?

    please please please let me know how to do this!”

  3. I am Ron’s sister, Debbie. Ron and Wendy are finishing up a book called “From One Life to the Next, a Reincarnation Story”. Ron’s previous (autobiographical) book is called “Brotherhood Hashish, the Story of Ronnie Bevan”. You can reach them through that book’s website :

  4. You can also see Andy and Bob’s folks, Ronnie and Wendy Barry, in the movie by Bill Kirkley, “Orange Sunshine”. (They went by Bevan before they were Barry.)

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