Writings: Volume 1 (released August 2016)

My second paperback, Writings: Volume 2 is coming very soon!


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I started writing down a lot of my innermost thoughts in 1990. Writing and journaling kept me from killing myself in high school, and kept my head straight after high school. Seriously, if I didn’t have a personal journal or the desire to write down all the shit that was hurting my feelings, I would have seriously ended it all. Writing kept me going (even more so than music).

In 1994 and 1995, I would share tons of my writing with friends and crushes online, as the internet was first becoming popular. Everyone I shared it with loved how brutally honest it all was. I still write the same as I did at 16.

In 1995, I self-published my writing in a local (Ft. Myers, FL, at the time) ‘zine called “Meanwhile” which only lasted two issues. After that, I self-published a fold-and-staple book called “The Empty Kiss” that I sent to 50 or so online friends at the time. I kept writing, and I wound up self-publishing nine books over the next fifteen years.

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of how long I’ve been writing my thoughts down (I wouldn’t consider it “poetry”…… more so “spoken word” or “free verse” or “journalistic” whatever).

Since I’ve shared my writings publicly for 20 years now, I figured it was time to finally collect all these writings that first appeared in fold-and-stable books (and later PDF), and turn them all into actual paperbacks.

The first book, Writings: Volume 1 is available as of August 2016 (link at the top of this page). All of these chap books/e-books will be subsequently published and released as Writings: Volume 2, 3, and 4 (200-250 pages on average), throughout the rest of 2017. Each book will be a compilation of three or four of the chap books, in chronological order. They will also be released as kindle-ready electronic books.


included in Writings: Vol 1





included in Writings: Vol 1




included in Writings: Vol 2





included in Writings: Vol 2





included in Writings: Vol 2




booknocover1NO OUTLET

included in Writings: Vol 3




included in Writings: Vol 3





included in Writings: Vol 3





included in Writings: Vol 4




booknocover2BROKEN, USELESS TOY 
(online journals and thoughts: 2004-2016)

included in Writings: Vol 4

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