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Everything about me couldn’t ever be contained on a single page, paragraph, or hell, even a book. I have too many interests. Too many thoughts. Too many emotions. Too many opinions. And, although it’s hard to admit, I suffer greatly from severe social anxiety (I always have).

Even though all of this stuff (life) feels overwhelming most of the time, I’ve always loved to share things with people (music, thoughts, ideas, opinions). I feel that the true meaning of life is sharing things, letting people in, and expressing yourself to the fullest extent. Furthermore, life is about trying to change the world for the better– through kindness, art, music, film, and good, useful information.

The basics:

I grew up loving music. The first music I truly loved was heavy metal and rap/hip-hop. My tastes have evolved dramatically since I was 8.

I watch movies every single day (for the past fifteen years), or, I always have a group of them on, as I’m working on other things. Oftentimes I’ll just change out DVDs, change to another movie channel, or stream something random, whenever a movie finishes. Seriously, I cannot live without doing that, every day.

I love listening to, discovering, collecting, and writing/recording music. I have always been passionate about music and the creation of it. I’ve been in a handful of bands that have failed. I’ve been part of some music that has succeeded on some level. And I’m not even close to hanging up my hat, as a creative person. I feel the best is yet to come.

Between music and movies, I basically have everything I need in life.

I’ve been a music teacher since 2004. I teach drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, songwriting, and recording/music production. I am grateful that this is where most of my income comes from. I’ve always been a natural at teaching and showing people how to do things.

I’ve loved deeply, and I’ve been hurt just as deeply. I have never been religious, though I have always been interested in spirituality and new age stuff. I feel I had a major spiritual awakening in the late 90s, and again in 2014, after discovering how helpful meditation and acupuncture is. I owe a lot to my acupuncturist, Dr. Sharon Sherman of Empirical Acupuncture (Chestnut Hill, Philly).

I cherish every single person in my life, from facebook acquaintances to old friends and girlfriends who have moved on, wherever they moved on to. I feel that everything that has happened in my life is of great importance and value. Every single moment is a beautiful thing, even if the moment is painful. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine to go back and do things differently, but… everyone knows this is impossible, so I move forward, knowing what I know now, and being the best person I can possibly be.



As much as I’m into and as passionate as I am about everything, I’m a really simple guy. I like good food, good movies and documentaries, good TV, and good music. I like pretty girls who smell nice and who are nice. I like to lift weights and exercise. I meditate daily for 45 minutes or longer. I like to go to concerts when money permits. I practice instruments so I can always be better, and I love recording music and spend a majority of time doing that. I don’t leave the house much, as I have basically everything I need in my house and home studio. I love blogging, reading and researching, and doing YouTube tutorials and reviews. I love video games, even though I don’t play them often. I could care less about the cliche things most Americans enjoy (alcohol, specifically, and also sports). I have never cared about politics and I never will. I avoid discussions about religion, abortion, and politics. To fully maintain my interest, talk to me about bands or songs, works of art, any and all books, spirituality, or movies/movie scenes. I’ll never stop talking once engaged in all that. live for those moments and conversations.


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It’s been theorized that I may have high-functioning autism, because of how knowledgeable I am and how insane I get, talking about music and films. And how I can literally quote any movie or song, and that I’m basically a music/movie walking encyclopedia (I know the years movies and albums came out, who did the songs, who starred in the film, who directed, etc). It’s kind of nuts. The database in my head seems to constantly be added to.

I’m very likely on the autism spectrum, and have been my whole life. And I have no problem with that. I’d rather be the complete, unique, odd soul I am, instead of a cookie-cutter boring douchebag. My IQ has been recorded annually and accurately as 146 since I was in first grade. That’s 14 points above the minimum Mensa score requirement of 132. Cool. I’m not writing this to toot my own horn. I’m just insanely grateful for everything in my life… ideas & thoughts, endless creativity, and surefire passion.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with A.D.D. and General Anxiety Disorder. I keep people at a distance, emotionally. I put music, movies, and literature above all else in my life. I don’t handle stressful emotional situations well (I never have, but I’m able to deal if shit really hits the fan). I’m not perfect, and I never will be. I’m just me. I’m passionate as fuck about all this shit (music, movies, etc), and I can’t live without any of it. All of these beautiful things make life worth living, at least to me.

Some things I (and the rest of the world) could live without:

  • Police brutality caught on video, especially when a white officer kills an unarmed black man, and then walks free (this is exactly why Black Lives Matter started, and why the NFL takes a knee, for the record.)
  • Racism (it is DISGUSTING how bad things are right now as I write this (early 2018). Love thy neighbor, and stop being an asshole.
  • The over-sexualization and narcissism (selfie-culture) of today’s youth
  • The over-reliance on smart phones and similar devices
  • Baggage that directly affects friendships and relationships
  • Driving anywhere during rush hour
  • Everyone’s obsession with texting (what a waste of time.)
  • Ignorant & plain stupid people who spout their hateful, judgmental and un-researched opinions on social media
  • People who text while driving (worse than drunk drivers, I’ve found)

Oldschool Fun:

I’ve had a personal website for almost two decades. I remember how tough it was, learning HTML in 1995. If you’re truly bored as hell, feel free to browse the complete versions of my personal sites since 2005 (personal writings, photos, lots of random info, and tons of content).

I consider these sites almost like photo albums. I don’t link these for narcissistic purposes, at all. The way I see it, it’s good to see where one came from, and where they’re going (hopefully somewhere better).

My personal website by year:
2006 (this is the only one active so far– opens in new tab)

coming soon—  2007 | 2008 |2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012

If I can find all the versions of my sites from 1996-2005, I might upload them, also… it’s fun to reminisce.


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Thank you:

I guess I’ll sum up this section by saying thanks for stopping by, and thanks for listening to the music I make, watching videos I’ve done, or reading stuff I’ve written. Nothing ever goes unappreciated. Please drop me a line sometime. I live for personal connections, wherever and whenever they happen. And if you suffer from and struggle with severe social anxiety and awkwardness too, please say hello. <3

-Chris Caulder



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