Trying to make the wonderful DAW Reaper as mouseless as possible, workflow-wise. Started this project in late 2018, worked on it steadily through 2019 (especially after my dad died on Feb 3rd, 2019… the massive project helped me deal with his death)…

I’ve been receiving steady interest in this project since announcing it via the Reaper forum ( over a year ago. Seems like more and more people are as excited about it as I am. Awesome.

Here are the first five videos demonstrating how it works, with me narrating obviously… everything’s done in one take with no editing. Sorry if I babble a bit much.

Since I haven’t been active on YouTube in about two years… I wanted to make up for lost time, with all of these videos.

Please comment on the video or below with any questions… or email me with any questions, requests, etc…

If you’re interested in the maps / templates / files, please shoot me an email, and kindly consider supporting me on Patreon (minimum only $3/month) if you find all this stuff useful. Thanks so much and happy creating!



Part 1 (37 minutes) Maschine MK3

Part 2 (10 minutes) Maschine MK3

Part 3 (12 minutes) Maschine MK3 (arranging / track mutes)

Part 4 (11 minutes) Behringer X-Touch Mini

Part 5 (13 minutes) Arturia Minilab MKII

Part 6 (13 minutes) MPC Studio black (v2)

Part 7 (16 minutes) Arturia Beatstep Pro

Part 8 (9 minutes) Arturia Beatstep

Part 9 (12 minutes) Maschine MK2

Part 9 (alternate take)

Part 10 (14 minutes) Maschine JAM Part 1

Part 11 (15 minutes) Maschine JAM Part 2

Here’s the playlist:

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