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A few nights ago, I posted an honest, heartfelt thing on Instagram (and to FB as well) about how I don’t feel like an equal, with my musician friends. I feel used a lot (and truthfully, I have been used, a lot). I feel like 99% of my musician friends just think I’m an idiot who literally is a music teacher and nothing more. It’s always a one-way street, with a LOT of people I know. And it’s their street, never mine. So it has fucked with my head, a lot.

This guy John Brewster, who’s been a FB friend of mine for a few years (I don’t remember how we met, possibly through mutual friend Anthony Cubbage)… he responded to my post, thanking me for the honesty, and telling me he appreciated what I contribute… appreciated my thoughts and life. It meant a lot. Little things (from strangers) always do.

So I started following him on FB (“liked” his music page, which he invited me to probably two years ago, and I forgot to like it)… and I watched a few of his vlogs. They were really inspiring, especially the one below (“8 Days Until My First Song”) where he talks about how jealous he has felt about a lot of others.

John has felt jealous about a lot of his musician friends (famous and local), celebrities, etc… and decided somewhat recently to just be more positive about the journey… vlogging his thoughts about setting positive intentions every day, and “leaving things better than when you initally arrived” and stuff like that (something someone close to me does extremely well, you know who you are).

I just really like this guy’s outlook (as cynical as I tend to be), and want to do more things like he’s doing… vlogging about his day-to-day life… talking music, talking spirituality, etc.

I feel like I always write better than I talk… and I often feel like “who the hell wants to watch me talk about anything, on YouTube or elsewhere… I’m ugly and annoying.” but, as John pointed out to me in a conversation just now… just be real, talk about things that interest you. You only live once. Talking about things opens up lines of communication, spiritually, artistically, musically. People like hearing people talk real talk. I know that’s been true, my whole life…

It’s just nice. Another person who has taught me about these beautiful things is the wonderful Adam Monaco (from the indie folk band Under The Oak). I’ll write about him sometime soon (love you, Adam).

“When I get out of my own way, I feel my best.”

Check out a few of his vlogs (which I REALLY love)……. and of course, some covers he’s done. He’s putting out original music on February 14th, 2020. I look forward to all of it.

Thanks, John. I really appreciate what you’re saying and doing. And, congrats on the new original music.

Feb 23rd, 2020 update: Here’s John’s original song and a nice review.




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  1. This is so so awesome. Wow. Like seriously. Thank you

    • ccaulder

      You’re welcome. I have a few hundred readers (if not 1,000+ people… hard to gauge sometimes) who visit my website regularly. I hope you get some traction on your new album. Thanks, bro. Sending love down to Charleston, SC.

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