Off the top of my head… there’s a SHITLOAD OF “B” BAND NAMES WHAT THE FUKKKKKKKK

But yeah, this shit is brilliant and gives me oxygen.

  • BEST COAST “For The First Time” (one of my all-time favorite songs, upon first listen)… this song is TIMELESS.
  • BOYGENIUS (technically more airplay in 2019 than in late 2018 when the EP came out)
  • BEACH BUNNY “Prom Queen” (lotsa fun)

  • BABYGIRL (flawless… ALL of their stuff) “Soft” speaks to every atom of my soul. That song is EVERYTHING.
  • BEABADOOBEE “She Plays Bass” is infectious as is EVERYTHING by her
  • BIG THIEF “Not”
  • THE BETHS “Future Me Hates Me”
  • CLAIRO (she is so, so dope)
  • THE MAYRIES (EVERY FUCKIN SONG, like seriously)

  • SOCCER MOMMY “Lucy” (this song is fucking flawless and I will spin it endlessly)
  • GIRL IN RED “Bad Idea” and “Girls”
  • MEN I TRUST “Say, Can You Hear”
  • VAGABON “Water Me Down”
  • CIGARETTES AFTER SEX “Heavenly” and “Touch”
  • CHROMATICS “You’re No Good”
  • CAROLINE POLACHEK (from Chairlift) “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” and “Door” —- (how the fuck is she THIS good… Chairlift was amazing, her solo is even better)
  • HARRY STYLES (loving that new album)
  • DIIV (loving that new album, too)

and last but not least

  • LENNON AND MAISY “Boom Clap” (Charli XCX cover)— (the sound of my heart, indeed.) Holy FUCK this is brilliant. Yeah, technically from 2015. But I heard it for the first time, this summer. Perfect song, perfect arrangement… just utterly perfect.
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