Female music producers/beatmakers (a short, but awesome list)

These women constantly inspire me. It’s all about working on stuff every day, and loving the craft.

Bad Snacks

(the QUEEN! She’s so nice, funny, open about her process, and knows her shit inside and out.)

added June 6th, 2020: Neon Vines

Unreal talent. Un. Frickin’ Real. Only 119,000 subscribers as of June 2020. She should have 2 million at least. She’s more on the future pop/R&B train, but she is amaaaaazing.

added June 6th, 2020: J. Roosevelt

hardly any YouTube videos of her… mostly audio out there. But, this is a great interview.

Courtney Hawkins
(one of the most underrated, ever)

Sarah 2 ill
(actual beatmaking process starts around 8 minutes, just an FYI!)

last but not least…


(She started everything, I think…. one of the very first I ever saw on Youtube– in 2010, she graciously provided a hip-hop instrumental for my studio tour video):


added June 6th, 2020: Blake Heart

Blake interviews a lot of female producers and singer-songwriters… her channel is really great. She doesn’t have a ton of videos about her beats/music… more so new products and whatnot (even though Blake does make music, too), but her channel is really helpful to the female producer community.



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  1. Lindsi

    You missed J. Roosevelt!

    • ccaulder

      Never knew of her! Trying to find a short-ish video of her work on YouTube but all I can find is a 56-minute interview thing… can you link me to any short videos showing her work? Thanks! 🙂

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