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I frequently read about WWII and the Holocaust, like I was doing a few nights ago (July 11th). Reading about the German cowards who swallowed cyanide pills before their executions, and read about the numbers of Jews, homosexuals, Polish civilians (even non-Jewish), etc. who were murdered or executed at gunpoint, by the day/week/month. Tens of thousands, sometimes per day. You really don’t know the severity of all of this until you keep reading paragraphs where more and more numbers are seen: 10,000. 14,000. 47,000. 17,000. We’re talking per day/week.



Children. Little girls. Little boys.

This took place over 12 years. Twelve years, people were arrested, shot in the head, gassed, starved, tortured, or experimented on.

This was less than 100 years ago. Blues music is older than Hitler’s reign. Yes, black music played on acoustic guitars. That came before Hitler’s rise to power.

Disney made anti-Nazi propaganda cartoons, like Education For Death (1943):


Innocent people… Polish, Dutch, German. Arrested and murdered. For no reason, other than Hitler hated Jews and wanted the “master race” to reign supreme. Hot take— aren’t white people (myself included) pretty lame? Yeah, we are. I know I am. I’ve always been awkward, nerdy, and not very interesting. We (white people) have a weird sense of entitlement and in general, we’re one of the rudest races. I have met more rude and vindictive white people in my life than anything. Every black person I have known, every Asian person, every Mexican or Hispanic person…. they’ve always been good people. White people are secretive and lame. We make stupid excuses that make no sense. We always seem to have an agenda. And we always have to have some sort of status symbol, whether it’s a car, house, beautiful woman by our side, etc. White men turn out to be mass shooters and serial killers, 99% of the time. How many black serial killers have you read about in history? Seriously. Again, this is a hot take, so take it with a grain of salt, but also think about it.

Here’s my point—-

Folks, we’re repeating history. We are repeating history, in this country. We are imprisoning children, we are assuming all Muslims and black people are “the enemy.” We don’t give equal rights to women.

It’s 2019, people. Hitler was powerful for a while but when he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and subsequently murdered millions of innocent people for the next 12 years, shit got nuts. 12 years.

As of 2017, almost 9 million people inhabit New York City. When you stop and think about it, literally, it makes you go “holy shit, that’s a lot of people.” And it is.

WAY more than 6 million were murdered. If you look at the actual numbers… (which again, are estimated to be more) fucking hell. It’s basically over 20 MILLION people that died… mostly from murder. Twenty. Fucking. Million. That’s over two New York Citys combined.

It got to the point where Walt Disney made the film above, as ordered by the US government. Partly to keep his company from going bankrupt, and partly to make Americans REALLY aware of the Nazis, because a lot of people still had no idea what was going on, nor did they care.

It’s time to start caring, folks. If you haven’t before, you better start now. Talk to your friends, talk to your family and try to get them to see the atrocities that are being committed in this administration, and the blatant fuckin’ racism, specifically the tweets about the four FEMALE congresspeople…. not only was it racist, it was sexist.

There is some seriously fucked up shit going on in the USA. From the sex trafficking of teenage girls, to the starvation and indifference toward immigrant children… to blatant racism disguised as “patriotism.”

Wake the fuck up, and continue the fight. And watch the cartoon above. And do some more research. Check out the History Channel’s “WWII in Color” series.. you can find a lot of the clips on YouTube. The shit is fucked up. Photos are terrible enough but when you see it on FILM, and colorized…. if your heart doesn’t break…… my goodness. Open your eyes. Abre Los Ojos. Wake. Up.

Thanks for reading.

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