“Eyes Wide Shut, the phrase itself, is a calling card among secret societies, meaning ‘my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother.’ This anonymity is required of the participants, otherwise the society’s moneyed elite would be revealed.”

August 26th, 2019: Jeffrey Epstein dies. “Suicide”. With no guards watching. Seriously…. think. THINK.

I have always been fascinated with this movie. It’s a very powerful film, as ALL of Stanley Kubrick’s films are. This would happen to my favorite of all of his films. At the very core, it’s a film about an unhappily married couple. The wife (Nicole Kidman, who plays Alice) is very self-aware and “woke” as it were… her eyes are definitely not shut, when it comes to many things in life. And then on the flipside, you have her husband (Tom Cruise, who plays Bill, or “Dollar Bill / “Doctor Bill”), whose eyes are wide shut… as well as his desires, which he keeps at bay. Bill gets caught up in a number of weird encounters, from a near overdose at his rich friend’s party, to a  near sexual-encounter with a prostitute, to an old musician friend who invites him to attend a strange party out on Long Island… the list is endless, but the tension is thorough and precise.

A lot of theories floating around about Eyes Wide Shut, as well as Stanley Kubrick’s untimely death 6 days after he saw the “final” edit of it. 24 minutes of the film were removed/edited out, by Warner Brothers. And then the footage was conveniently lost.

Kubrick also died exactly 666 days before January 1st, 2001. Isn’t that also quite peculiar? Additionally, Kubrick died in March 7th of 1999, the 66th day of that year.

I don’t know much about conspiracy theories and whatnot…. and even less about Scientology, Freemasonry, the Rothschilds, secret societies and the Illuminati, but… there’s a LOT of interesting symbolism and imagery throughout Eyes Wide Shut. A LOT. At the very least, the “Magic Circle” board game display at the very end of the film, in the toy store. Stuff that really makes you wonder….. and wonder some more. First, take a look at the trailer.

Then, watch the film in its entirety, and pay close attention to the colored lights, the blue and red themes, the symbolism (the endless mirrors, pentagrams, the star of Venus / Ishtar), and sooooo much more. Then watch it again. And a third time.

Then, once you think you get what’s happening (you won’t, at least not right away, or maybe ever)… watch these (spoilers ahead, of course).

This 20-minute documentary by Jay Myers is pretty eye-opening, for sure.

The REAL Eyes Wide Shut:

more analysis (by TheRabbitHole on YouTube):

and more…


more interesting reading:

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Illuminati symbolism and analysis of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

I realize that when I share stuff like this, like literally no one gets it, or thinks I’m crazy for “believing one weirdo online” but I saw this film years and years ago, and numerous times over the years, and I’ve given it quite a bit of thought. I’ve read a lot. I haven’t just “taken a stranger’s opinion as gospel.”

I read. I read some more. I watched a numerous amount of videos. I knew what MK Ultra was, many years ago. Sex trafficking is a REAL thing and so is Hollywood / elite pedophilia. All of that shit is VERY real. Remember two years ago when Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting shit was finally exposed? I sure do. As wacko as Corey Feldman is, I believe his story about he and Corey Haim being molested in the 80s, when they were kids. I read about Freemasonry, Crowley, the secret societies of Yale (Skull & Bones) and all sorts of other deep, mysterious shit. I didn’t just fall off the fucking truck.

I’m not a “conspiracy theorist.” I just find all this shit really fuckin’ interesting. And it’s stupid to just blow a lot of it off. There’s something going on, and there always has been.

And when you look at the illogical results of congressional hearings at least in the last few years and how all the evil on earth never really seems to be rectified by forces of good…. (Brett Kavanaugh, this William Barr bullshit, Joe Biden and his overseeing the Anita Hill and when there’s a full 25% less insects inhabiting earth than there was 30 years ago…. or how no one wants to fully do a Green New Deal, and solar power isn’t commonplace YET, even in the 21st fucking century…. it really makes you wonder. Doesn’t it? Or does it? Think, people. Fucking think. [/diatribe]

And watch Eyes Wide Shut. Several times.


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