I’m watching this right now, live. Cohen is doing great on the stand, and is absolutely trying to do the right thing (as he has since being arrested). He has nothing to lose, at this point. Nothing. And he has evidence.

The hilarious thing about this shit (not that this is news to anyone) is the republicans aren’t focusing on WHY Michael Cohen is THERE today. They’re just spinning shit, because they have NOTHING on Michael Cohen…. while Michael is guilty of things, he’s mostly there to testify on what Trump did wrong (federal crimes, people).  Cohen is trying to testify against Trump, and Trump’s federal crimes. And they’re not letting him, because the republicans are protecting Trump. It’s that fucking simple. And the smoke screen they’re trying to place over all of us is disgusting and sick. All they’re doing is calling him a liar and attacking his character.

Several republicans just begin their time with being dicks. Literally, being dicks! “Greetings, Mr. Cohen. You’re a liar, and I’m a crusty old man filled with white privilege. I am a saint, and you are not. Here’s more of my opinion of you.”

You pathetic fucking republicans. You are absolutely disgusting. All of you. ALL of you. Sick.

Let it be said I don’t really give a shit about politics, for the most part. I never have. I love music and music gear and songs and writing them. But it’s hard to ignore shit like this. It’s hard to ignore how fucking crazy all of this shit is.

So… back to the point…. Cohen is trying to testify and do the right thing. He has nothing to lose, because he’s going to jail, anyway. And if he lies today, his jail time will be much longer (and the evidence shows everything he’s trying to testify with). He has nothing to lose, at this point. These republicans are not listening, because they’re protecting Trump.

The democrats know this, and ask the right questions! The republicans know this, too, and that’s why they’re spinning things, and literally just monopolizing their time by ranting and going off on tangents on Cohen’s character.

This is fucking ridiculous, people. This is fucking ridiculous.

Considering how long Cohen has worked for Trump, and how often he lied for him… that’s all everyone needs to know, right there. Cohen was protecting Trump from day one. That’s a LOT of fucking lying. Cohen lied a lot, but literally it was all for Trump. The evidence is right there. The fucking evidence is right there!!! We haven’t even gotten to the evidence, yet. But it’s there, in his written testimony, which is available anywhere online. Here is a link to it.

Cohen himself said that the republicans are not focusing on why he’s there. And they’re also focusing on potential book deals for Cohen (btw, EVERYONE who has left the Trump administration or worked for him have ALSO done book deals). And why shouldn’t Cohen do a book deal? Why shouldn’t he? Seriously. He has fucking every right to. And at this point, he has nothing to lose. He lost his law license for life. Book deal? Why the FUCK not?

This idiot republican just said “I’m concerned about your lies, today”…. they’re not listening. They’re just spinning. They’re just heavily spinning shit. This is retarded. Absolutely fucking retarded. I know the word “retarded” isn’t appropriate to use, but really. This shit is fucking retarded….. I mean seriously. I cannot believe this. That’s why I’m blogging about it right now.

Republicans, you have nothing on Cohen. Nothing. Stop trying to protect the scum of the earth, and save yourselves. You pathetic, weak people.

All of this shit is coming down. It is crashing down. It is. Cohen has nothing to lose, but Trump is going down. Full-on panic mode. Watch. Shit’s about to get real. Shit is about to get fucking real.

edit: Congressperson “Mrs. Miller” – shut the fuck up. Seriously. You spinning, shady idiot.

edit: Congressperson “Mr. Armstrong”… you’re also an idiot. Spin spin spin spin spin. How the FUCK do you people sleep at night?

edit: Congressperson Greg Steube…. yeah. Just continue the narrative, just like Cohen himself thanked the previous idiots for.

edit: Congressperson Ms. Lawrence— yes. Thank you. Yes.

edit: Congressperson Mr. Roy. Shut the FUCK up you spinning-ass shitbag.

edit: Congressperson Ms. Plaskett. HA. Yes. There you go. Thank you, ma’am.

ok, break. And I have to get ready for work. Ugh.



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