Recently (and in the last couple years, probably) I’ve become a bit obsessed about piano sounds/libraries for recording and studio use. I find myself constantly watching YouTube demos and visiting forums about random virtual sampled grand pianos and upright pianos. And as always, I’m obsessed with the Nord Piano Library and all its uprights and grands (fantastic in their own right). Here’s a decently comprehensive list of what’s available out there (at least, somewhat affordably– $400 or less). First, Grand Pianos (I’ll post about upright pianos tomorrow):


EZ Keys (Grand Piano, Studio Grand)
Addictive Keys (Studio Grand)
Keyscape (LA Custom C7 and various presets)
Kontakt Libraries:

  • NI The Grandeur, The Maverick
  • Chocolate Audio Model D 88
  • Cinesamples Piano In Blue
  • Ivy Audio Piano in 162 (freebie and GORGEOUS-sounding!)
  • Sampletekk White Grand MKII, Black Grand MKII, 7CG MKII, TBO MKII, Blue Grand MKII,

Here are short (7 minutes or less) video demos. MAKE SURE TO PUT ON HEADPHONES!!!!




NI The Grandeur:

NI The Maverick:

NI The Grandeur / Chocolate Audio Model D 88:

Piano In Blue:

Ivy Audio Piano In 162:

Sampletekk (White Grand MKII):

Sampletekk (White Grand 2 MKII):

Sampletekk (Black Grand MKII):

Sampletekk (TBO / TBO MKII):

Sampletekk (7CG / 7CG MKII):

Sampletekk (Blue Grand / Blue Grand MKII):




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