May 2017

Recording, recording, recording. New EP coming out by The Icicle Sound (our third in 6 months). Patrick and I (Seldom Family) are working on a new EP, and looking to book some Philly shows and also do a mini tour in the fall (east coast/midwest).

Tentative Plans (Cait and I) released our second EP, entitled “Still”, late April. Will be on Spotify soon. We also played our very first show, with some good friends Hat & Boots, That Dream Was Our Life, My Home Is The Sea, and Sea Offs. Hopefully we will do some more shows, soon.

Working on a ton of solo music, a lot of which is coming out SOON (for real this time!) I’ve been asked to collaborate again with some old pals, including Hadley Elizabeth, and others. Hopefully we can put together some cool stuff… hell, I feel that we have before.

Still proofing “Writings: Volume 2”. Will be on Amazon soon. Shortly after, Volume 3 and 4 will be released.

I should put together a video of all the shit I’ve completed in the last three years alone (over 10 albums and EPs combined, two paperback books, and much more). Fuck. I will never stop.

Thank you for staying interested. As always.