April 2017

Non-stop. Just non-stop. That’s how I roll. Holy shit did I bust my ass for the past few months with shit:

  1. two ambient records with Patrick as Seldom Family (the second one, Audrey & Laura, I basically did 98% of, and Patrick acknowledges that, too). It feels good that people are digging it, and compare it to the work of Stars of the Lid, William Basinski, and Aphex Twin. Holy shit, right? Nice compliments from blogs and facebook and such. We’ll see where this goes when Season 3 of Twin Peaks comes out. I did what feels like a million videos for the Audrey & Laura record, too…
  2. Two EPs and almost a third EP with Jen McGrath. Get ’em at http://oustedrecords.bandcamp.com
  3. Cait and I (Tentative Plans) have 12 completed songs (the latest six will be released later this week)… and we have 6 or 7 more, waiting in the wings. Pretty excited about it all. I should also mention that we’ve been making some really great friends, locally… people who are very likely to help us get some shows, even in Brooklyn and up in Massachusetts. We’re pretty stoked about that. Oh, and we have like… jeez…. at least four EPs coming out (all cover songs of various genres). Just a fun little project, trying to get found on YouTube and Spotify, by doing so… we’ll see. Check us out at http://facebook.com/tentativeplans.
  4. Working on getting all of this music licensed for film, TV, video games, what have you… it’s a long road, but thankfully some good people seem to be on our side. More news if/when it happens.
  5. I’m still editing Book 3 and Book 4… but they are coming really, really soon. As the others, the covers will have beautiful artwork by the amazing artist, and my good friend, Hanna-Dora Fazekas from Hungary. Everything she draws just feels like my heart and brain, in a drawing. She’s tremendous. No one could have done my book covers except for her. Thank you, Hanna.

Don’t know what else to say…. I should sleep… eventually….