Late October 2016


So, I realize I do a million different things all the time… hands in so many pies, and such. But, I love it. I love to be creative, and I love to get shit done… because…

  1. It keeps my social anxiety at bay.
  2. It makes me happy, knowing I’m getting shit done regularly (because when I don’t, I get angry with myself, and sometimes lash out at people in my life… which is of course, unhealthy and stupid, but I’m always looking to better myself and my mental health. This helps the process).

That said….


Seldom Family is still working hard… writing and recording new songs. We are releasing two ambient instrumental records in the next few months. Here’s a photo of us courtesy of the completely awesome Alex Medvick:


Jen McGrath and I (aka The Icicle Sound, aka Vertical Interval) are still working on music, together, and really pushing to finish recordings. We have four new songs ready for release in less than two weeks… we will be releasing the EP on (where all my stuff is). Every month for the next six months, we plan on releasing one 3 or 4-song EP, as The Icicle Sound. Exciting!

Lastly, I spent the entire month of October making improvised (short, silly, simple) songs on YouTube. The project was called “Improvised Song-A-Day”. Here’s the YouTube playlist. I might revive it down the road, but I’d rather focus on all the main music I’m doing, and also with my good buddy Mike, as The Boring Extraordinary.) Some exciting stuff coming from he and I VERY soon.

I really appreciate anyone who reads this or follows anything I do. I really wish I was as “out there” as someone like Jack Conte, or Jonathan Mann (the main “Song-A-Day” dude)…. hopefully someday…. and if not, hell… it’s great being creative.

Thanks. <3