October 2016 update

Hey everyone… hope you are well, wherever and whoever you are.

Quick updates:
– I redesigned my site, and moved it entirely to my “chriscaulder.net” domain, instead of hosting it on WordPress. A little easier to maintain.
– I released my first proper paperback book called “Writings: Volume 1“, and you can find it right here at Amazon.com
– I fucked up majorly, in my personal life, just yesterday morning (Thursday, September 30th). I lied to two women I care about immensely, because I wanted them both and couldn’t decide between them. Lost them both forever, as well as the band I had with the one. The one I wasn’t in an active band with basically burned my world to the ground. Fair enough. I never said I was perfect. I’m not the first male in history to do that, and I certainly won’t be the last. Sorry, ladies. You know I mean well, but I just can’t fuckin’ get it together. Ever.
– Patrick and I played our first proper show as Seldom Family, at Boot and Saddle in Philly. Went really well. Working on music for the next record.
– Mike Decker-Lopez and I are in the process of doing videos for a few of our songs, which we hope to have complete as early as tomorrow night… and, some remixes and new songs.
– I had to sell off some beloved studio gear, to afford my bills… not a pleasant experience. But oh well. I’ve been doing this since 1998, so nothing’s really changed.
– I sold a few of my “Writings: Volume 1” book locally, which makes me happy. Three more volumes coming soon!!

Much love to you…. whoever/wherever you are.