New music out, and books coming out very soon!

Hi reader! I have no idea if anyone still reads this at all, but hopefully you do.

You may have missed this… but please give these two records a listen:

I released both these EPs a few weeks ago.


I’m about to release four separate books of my journalistic/stream-of-consciousness writing (I wouldn’t call it poetry, but whatever it is, it’s from the heart, as everything I do)…. in the next few months.

I’m releasing the first book in the next week or so. It’s almost 200 pages. It’s called Writings: Volume 1. It’s a compilation of my earliest writing (from age 14-17), and also my first two self-published DIY chap books, Fist To Kiss, and Wrong Side Of The Bed. The other books will be released every month, following that book. They will be available on, too (for around $10-$12, I think), which I think is a very fair price, considering the pages in each book (150-250, depending on the book).

I’m excited to finally share all this stuff on a mass level. I’ve been a bit hesitant about sharing it, because it’s cynical, bitter, angry as hell…. but on the flipside, it’s romantic, an ode to good music and movies, and oddly hopeful. A lot of the writing is completely true, except some of the really dark and violent stuff, which of course, isn’t true.

If you might be familiar with the writing of Henry Rollins or Charles Bukowski, you might enjoy my work.

More details to come… thank you for following what I do. Seriously.

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