August 2015

It’s been a weird journey… the past 11 years since I’ve lived in PA after moving here from FL…. man. Feels like a lifetime. I don’t know if anyone still reads this crap (god knows, I don’t update hardly at all anymore)… but, if you do… here’s an update…


I currently play drums and bass, with my friend Patrick (vocals, guitar), in a band called Seldom Family. You can hear our songs at – We just released a 2-song cassette, and are planning on playing live in the Philly area, as soon as next month. We have six songs so far, and several more on the way. Seldom Family is my main music thing, these days… I really love the music Patrick and I make together, and I’m hoping people will, too. We’re planning on a 12″ vinyl release, by the end of the year.


I also starting playing drums for regional shoegaze/dreampop band Lockets ( They’ve been together since around 2011, and had some rotating vocalists, but it seems like things are back on track, hence their need for a new drummer. My friend Michele knows the bassist well, and that’s how I found out about the drummer thing. I really enjoy playing with them, and the music is damn good, too. They have a very decent following, locally and nationally. We’re opening for Norway’s Farao, in late September, at the Boot & Saddle in south Philly.


I’m still (constantly) working on solo and collab music (in the pop/indie/folk vein)…… the reason all of this has taken so long is because confidence has always been a huge problem of mine, and has held me back as a musician for most of my life. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than releasing music that I sing on, with extremely personal lyrics. I think I make decent music, even with my limited singing skill, but in the back of my mind I’m always thinking… “man, this sucks.” Then again, I hear a lot of music that I think is god-awful, and people all over the world are listening to it and thinking it’s brilliant. Good songwriting and songcraft is definitely subjective, and something people have vastly different opinions on. Bottom line is… this confidence thing has killed me. But, I’m at the point in my life now that I truly don’t give a fuck. There’s no one I need to impress, anymore (nor has there been anyone I needed to impress, in the past). I’m not letting these songs simply sit on a hard drive. Most of my solo music will be released as Boy in the Background (as mentioned in a previous blog). I also plan on collaborating with a few female friends, on some melancholy stuff…. More news on that as it develops, and as time permits.



Several of my roommates moved out, as agreed upon, in late April. I used to be really good friends (or so I thought) with one of them. Now, since moving out, he has no interest in even remaining acquaintances. That’s ok. I saw that coming, even two years ago. We tried to communicate and resolve many issues (mostly house-related) since summer 2014, but I wasn’t getting through to him. It’s sad, but whatever. I still wish him the best, in all aspects of his life, especially musically. I’m not the type to just say “well, fuck you man!” Maybe that was me, 20 years ago. But none of that bullshit is important to me, anymore. It’s insane how so much daily bullshit can drag you down, when it doesn’t have to, at all…. the only things in life that ultimately matter are music, movies, art, books, nature, and mental & physical health. That’s it. Everything else is bullshit, and wasted time and drama. Someone recently told me a great story, regarding this (from an Eckhart Tolle writing, I believe):

Eckhart tells this story of two monks walking down a road and they see a woman who needs help. She needs to be carried over some water or something or she’s just tired, I forget the exact details. Anyway, she needs help so the one monk picks her up and carries her, which is apparently against the rules for monks, but he does it, anyway. They part ways with her and keep walking for a few hours. The other monk says to the one who carried the woman that he shouldn’t have done that and he won’t stop talking about it. The monk who carried the woman says “Are you still carrying that woman? I put her down hours ago.”

Fucking brilliant. Not much else to say…. just taking things day to day…  <3 to you all… thanks for staying interested.