December 2014: The Country

I’ve been talking with my roommate in the kitchen about the country/world… how so many people who are actually paying attention, think and see that so much of it is “going down the drain.”

I’d really love to include certain people in this conversation that we are currently taking a break from……. my roommate has got a lot of good points. His main gripe/sadness comes from how nothing is being done at a younger age, to teach kids compassion and empathy, and true right and wrong. And, it isn’t. Not from what I see, as a music teacher. Right/wrong/compassion/empathy is nothing like when I was a kid, basically 25 years ago.

Parents today buy kids cell phones. On these phones, they have porn, murder, anything they want… accessible instantly. The latest war simulation video game, the latest war-glorifying movie. They know exactly what cleavage is and what nipples look like at 8, or even younger. I did, too. When I was a kid, I found my friends’ father’s adult magazine stash… I had friends who showed me things. In our house, the Playboy channel was subscribed to, when I was 7 or whatever…. I clicked that remote enough times, and I’d find it, when my parents were asleep. You know? I get it. Kids are gonna discover that shit, however it happens.

But these days, it’s just lightning fast… and from every angle. And they don’t really have time to learn right/wrong/compassion/empathy.

My roommate also said that the 40-hour work week is bullshit. And he’s right. It’s only to make companies more money, not ourselves. It’s all about money. It’s always BEEN about money. I’m so grateful that I only work 15-20 hours a week, but make enough to pay my rent, groceries, cable and internet, medical, and phone bills.

Another thing that made my roommate insanely angry (I completely agree) is… how the big corporations pay their employees shit. McDonald’s… $8/hr. Walmart $7.50/hr. He said the 7 people in the Walton family have more money collectively than 40% of the world, maybe even 80%, he couldn’t remember. That’s fucking sick. That is just sick, to me. What are they DOING with it? Where is it GOING? HOW is it improving the country or world? Is it at all? Probably not.

I told my roommate about the Sam Simon / Simpsons guy (he co-created the legendary cartoon with Matt Groening)… Mr. Simon is giving away his fortune to animal rights stuff because he’s dying of cancer…. beautiful, beautiful story. He thought that was great. Would be cool if Mr. Simon donated the money to build more schools / smaller classrooms, but, at least he’s doing good with it.

There are good things happening… always the yin and yang.  ALWAYS. But… so much bad, too.

My roommate gets so furious about all the “Wrongs” in the world… I couldn’t agree more. But I asked him repeatedly….  “what can we DO about it? Going forward? On a local/small level? How can we change?”

I told him how I always try to write positive YouTube comments on videos where people are being hateful and ignorant. Just to do my small part… I mention love and tolerance… TED talk videos, etc. I always comment about acceptance and love, and understanding. Even if people “thumbs down” it… or respond “fuck you, you hippie” or something….

It’s all I can do in my limited power and fits my personality.

I try to change things at a one-on-one or small level. Not everyone is as motivated. It’s ok. I can sleep at night, and if I change just ONE person and make them be more loving/tolerant/accepting. then I’ve done for the greater good.

You know?

Sigh. I’m horrible at talking about these things, but I do my best, I truly do. And I’m horrible at writing about them, but I do my best. I truly do.

I am a loving, compassionate person. I know what empathy is and although I’ve had trouble with it in some areas of my life (specifically understanding and being patient with certain people), I am generally an empathetic, sympathetic person. I am a “feeler.” I know I am not alone, but oh man, am I part of a small group!

Sigh. I just don’t know.

We’re continuing the conversation after his cigarette break. I just wanted to take a moment and write this.

On a personal, musical note… my albums are almost finished… thank you as always, for remaining interested….