November 2014: album announcements

I’m done writing in third person. While I feel third-person is more musically professional, it’s also too distant/disconnected and seems a little pretentious, and that’s not at all how I like to communicate with people. So, from now on, I’m writing these posts directly.

I’m working very hard on several EPs and a couple full-lengths, to be released late this year and early next.

info on full-length albums:
1. a solo record, long in the making… For years, I have not been confident enough to release solo music, especially featuring my singing and lyrics. After about three years of having chronic voice/singing problems, I finally decided, after my voice got better, to release as much music as possible, mainly to take advantage of my singing voice being in the best shape it’s been in since early 2011. So, this first record is going to have a bunch of songs, that span from 1999 to the present. I chose my best songs, and the record is definitely melancholy, honest, and the kind of music that you listen to after a breakup, or on days when you feel like the bottom of your shoe.

2. another solo record, long in the making… this record will be released under the name Boy In The Background. The short songs (over 20) are in the dreampop/folk vein… most of them can best be described as emo/cute/honest “rainy-day” songs… if I were a teenage girl, these would probably be songs I spin all day long, wearing headphones and staring out the window on a rainy day. I had all these pleasant acoustic ideas that I thought would make great little short songs, instead of trying to develop them as 3 or 4-minute songs. Sometimes all you need to get the point across is a verse and a chorus, repeated once. A lot of the songs are like that. I’m pretty proud of this record, and maybe it’s a strength of mine– writing short, cute, catchy songs with not a lot of lyrics. I don’t know. But, I definitely am looking forward to putting this record out, and promoting it heavily.

info on EPs:

1. Expanding on #2 above, I plan on releasing a Boy In The Background EP, featuring some of the more nerdy, offensive, and cynical songs. These songs, I didn’t feel fit on the full-length… they’re slightly more offensive and angry, but still “cute-sounding”, I guess… to give you an idea of what to expect, some of the titles are “Philistines”, “Now She’s Boring”, “Classic Rock Losers”, and “Do You Read?”

2. a solo EP…. these humorous and sarcastic songs definitely didn’t fit the mold of my main solo record, which is entirely serious & melancholy (as I mentioned above). This EP is definitely more lighthearted and funny, in general. The opening track is called “The Trade (Bowl of Cherries)”, which I am going to be heavily pushing, promotion-wise, as I feel it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written. It’s about certain types of people who get everything they want in life, without having to lift a finger. Some friends I’ve showed a demo to are completely smitten with the song, and that means a lot to me. I hope you will feel the same about it. Another sarcastic track is called “Perfect American Couple”, about a couple who beats their kids, each other, and drinks too much alcohol… it’s definitely a “fuck you” to most couples who don’t respect themselves and especially their kids. Just to give you an idea of what to expect….

3. an instrumental EP… two of my favorite genres of music are ambient & post rock (think Explosions in the Sky, the Album Leaf, Signal Hill, Mogwai, etc). I’ve recorded a lot of post rock ideas over the last few years, and have just been too scared to put them out. This EP will be the first in a series of post rock/ambient EPs…. I have a ton of material for multiple albums and EPs.

4. another EP, as Character Actor. This is a duo of sorts, with female vocalist Stacy St. Yves. We’re trying out some ideas, as this is the first time we’ve written music together. Inspired by bands such as Ida, Low, etc.


As always, I thank you all for being interested in the music I make. I know it’s been a long-ass time since I’ve put anything out…. but, from late 2014 forward, I’m releasing music non-stop. You’ve only got one life, and you never know how long you’re gonna be around, so….. wasted time is simply that…. wasted time. I’m done wasting time.

Much love,