I have their debut full-length (The Power of Failing) cranked on my stereo today. Perfectly-crafted 90s emo is exactly what the doctor ordered, today.

I fucking hate people who write this stuff off to be “too whiny”. You have no idea what real music is, if you think that.

Mineral only made two records, and then they became The Gloria Record, who are nowhere near as good or as powerful as Mineral. I still like both bands.

Lyrically, it needs to be reiterated OVER and OVER again— these songs contain some of the best lyrics ever penned. Period. I’ve included the lyrics to “Parking Lot” and “Gloria” below.

Mineral is the second “emo” band I’ve written about at my blog, the first being Sunny Day Real Estate. Why more emo, if it’s one of the most hated genres in music today? Because it’s fucking brilliant. This is the real shit, not the phony pretty-boy shit of today (which I still admittedly like). This is the real. Bask in this musical brilliance.

I got into a good emo mood after my one guitar student Dan introduced me to two great newer bands last night– Foxing, and The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die.  These two bands obviously are influenced by some of the greats– Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, and Mineral. So I’m rocking out to Mineral, and soon will be rocking out to the bands above (which I will of course write about here, if I haven’t yet).

Start with “Parking Lot”, then move on to “Five, Eight, and Ten”, “Gloria”, and then “Silver”, which is the second-to-last song on The Power of Failing. “Silver” just destroys me in every possible way. Then, if you’d like… stream the full album (last video).


The Power of Failing (entire album):


“Parking Lot” lyrics

I wouldn’t mind if you took me in my sleep tonight
I wouldn’t even put up a fight
I wouldn’t care if you took it all away today
I’m sure I wouldn’t even miss the pain

But I know I’ve got to live my life
And roll around on the ground and feel the strife
And realize along the way that I’m nothing more
Than a grain of salt in the salt of the earth
And everything is grace

So come on with the darkness
Come on with the fear
Cause I’ve got to start somewhere
And it might as well be here

When I’m finally naked and standing in the sunlight
I’ll look back at all of this selfishness and foolish pride
And laugh at myself


“Gloria” lyrics

A brave morning
Thoughts flap their wings and fly
And I can still taste defeat on my lips

Bright tie, fish fly
I have not yet arrived
How can I not admit I need to know you

Cause I just want to be something more than the mud in your eyes
I want to be the clay in your hands

Hey sorrow where are you?
Tomorrow just won’t be the same without you here
I’ll wish for shoulders bold and broad to bear
And strength to hold my head above them

Cause I just want to be something more than the mud in your eyes
I want to be the clay in your hands

Cause Gloria is silent, and glory is a silent thing.

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