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Huge thanks to Greg Robbins for his Chase Theory knowledge and hookups



Let’s start at the end:

The Chase Theory should have been fucking HUGE. They should have blown the fuck up, and been the next Jimmy Eat World or something. Instead, about 4 years ago, the singer, Matt Burke, started an alt-country-folk side project called Have Gun Will Travel (with the guys from The Chase Theory). Soon, HGWT was playing SXSW and getting mad love from NPR and radio stations nationwide. Although I like HGWT’s music, I don’t think it’s nearly as good/melodic as The Chase Theory.

I can understand why the band changed names and took a completely different musical direction. The Chase Theory just wasn’t getting any love from the state of Florida (where I lived for most of my life). I saw The Chase Theory several times between 2000 and 2003 (and was lucky enough to PLAY a show with them in 2002, AND get them on video TWICE in late 2000 and 2002…) but every time they played, it seemed like the world just wasn’t ready for their music. Such a shame, too. FANTASTIC fucking band in EVERY way…. musically, melodically, lyrically, technically, you name it.

The Chase Theory formed in the mid-90s I think, as Matt Burke (lead singer and lone guitarist), and his brother Danny Burke (bass, and harmony vocals) began writing together when they were in middle or high school. Fast forward a few years… the Chase Theory played all over the state of Florida… and released their first album Scrapbook in 1999. Then a few years later, they released an EP called “In Pursuit Of Excellence” (which is without a doubt one of the best EPs by ANY band, EVER)…. after that, a few years later, they released their final record “Our Enemies Are Invisible”, and called it a day. A few years after that, their debut album Scrapbook was re-released with different tracks and a few extras.

Since then, it’s been their new band, Have Gun Will Travel, all the way. Again, nothing against the new band…. but The Chase Theory’s music just hits home to me, and many of my friends who I’ve introduced their music to. The songwriting is a cut above what they’re doing with HGWT. I even use The Chase Theory’s music to teach bass guitar to my bass students, as it is absolute PERFECT bass playing… intelligent phrasing, awesome harmonizing with the guitar, etc… it’s just totally brilliant.

So…. here you go… “Kamikaze” (from Scrapbook), and a few others.

Please listen to all of this, and BASK in their melodic glory (and pay close attention to Danny Burke’s bass playing which is absolutely fucking phenomenal, and how all bass playing SHOULD be, in this genre/style of music):

“Kamikaze” (my favorite Chase Theory song)





“Long Way Home”


“Pennies for Postcards”




P.S. I plan on doing a new post every few days after this… I don’t have time every day. So keep an eye… I’m definitely keeping this blog updated frequently, unlike all of my other blogs/sites I’ve tried to maintain in the past. Thank you for taking interest in this blog! Oh, and if you are associated with the Chase Theory, legally or otherwise, and would like me to remove these files from the post, I will gladly oblige… but, keep in mind, this blog’s purpose is to get people into better music, or help them discover stuff they otherwise wouldn’t know about. I always encourage people to support bands and buy their music from amazon, itunes, or ebay, or directly from their current or former record labels, so…. thank you again.

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  1. Greg Robbins

    I completly agree with you, The Chase Theory has been one of my favorite bands for years and I was always disapointed that they weren’t more successful as a band. I actually became good friends with Matt, Danny, and J.P. and even had them play New Year’s Eve parties at my house in 2001 and 2002 (which, for me, were the best new years eve I think I’ve ever had). I have endless hours of them playing in clubs around Florida and at the warehouse where they practiced religiously every week. I formed a great friendship with the band after I filmed them play one night and then edited the footage from 4 cameras together to make as professional looking live performances as I could. I took about 4 completed songs to their warehouse to show them and after that I was at pretty much every show with my camera in hand. I miss being able to see them play and hope that one day they might be back, it’s been years since I’ve talked to them and if you know how I could get back in touch with them please let me know.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Great fucking band; I’ve seen them so many times. I have at least 10 of their songs on my phone at all times. It just goes to show you that the music business is cutthroat and is more about who you know than what you know. Going to check out HGWT tonight at the Ray, and see if I can’t talk them into making a comeback! Cheers.

  3. Big D

    Omg. Thank you! I felt the same way about them. I saw them when they came to my town. Wasn’t even planned, went in for a coffee, walked out an hour or so later with a shirt and a CD. I always wondered why they didn’t get bigger than they did. I hadn’t thought about them until I saw my Chase Theory shirt in the back of my closet. The melodies, the sound, from just three people. Amazing.

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