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sites i do
beauty's confusion
my basically defunct trip-hop group.
ousted productions my record label, book company, film company, and much more. the first and only fansite for the band Jets To Brazil.

the post rock pages - #1 resource online for information on bands like slint, mogwai, antarctica, album leaf, tristeza, etc.

search & destroy - henry rollins - fansite for the man. - a website for trip-hop production and recording techniques.


my page at myspace (add me if you want, i'll add you back)

my profile at been on for 5 years. met few people, none who found me interesting.
glenn kidd - a good friend of mine- musician Glenn Kidd.
john pugh - photo-realistic painter's official website
kelly elizabeth - She is absolutely the hardest-working and coolest woman in the indie world. - Official site for Hank.
west memphis three - read about the trial, and speak up against their incarceration. it's completely wrong.


animegalleries - huge site for anime images and wallpapers. kind of slow, but great site.
bushgame -
awesome flash video game about why dubya is NO GOOD
dafont - best place for fonts, period.
diy or die
- site of michael w. dean, and one hell of a good documentary
everything english - the best t-shirts, stickers and rarities... not just UK music, but a lot of good stuff
giant peach - #1 site for underground hip-hop-related shirts and music
internet movie database - I live here.
internet movie poster awards - I live here, too. find out about all the new GOOD movies. - Indie short films.
nothing nice to say - the first, and funniest punk/indie comic strip, ever.
it/ll be better tomorrow - documentary on the life of hubert selby, jr. (i provided some of the score for this film)
just as i thought - this guy writes about pop culture every day, and everything is funny and interesting.
hbo / showtime / the movie channel - daily schedules for each
sundance channel - daily/monthly schedule - the greatest site, ever.


computer music -
a great magazine with free software and sounds every issue- focusing on writing music with computers.
future music-
the same publishers as above. just as good... more "entertaining" i guess. CM is more reference.
music tech - great mag about computer music, which seems to be overshadowing the above two, in its quality
performing songwriter - wonderful magazine. full of soul and heart. one of my absolute favorite magazines
remix - great mag with killer articles on performance and technique with every aspect of electronic-based music
sound on sound - an incredibly good music recording mag, with tons of great tutorials on computer music
venus zine - a great female-only music and art magazine


anticon lyrics -
thorough site featuring every lyrics the oakland-based hip-hop collective anticon has written.
artikal records - former members of antarctica's new record label (the band ova looven). brooklyn-based.
- the best music EVER. underappreciated artists, both signed & unsigned. the best internet radio station!!!
- the best and most professionally-run online cd store. featuring only independent musicians. awesome music.
dischord records
- the way ian runs dischord is the way all labels should be run. pro, cheap, great music, DIY.
- another great website with lots of under-appreciated music. free, legal mp3 downloads (full songs)... designed extremely well. pick a band you like, and find many more that sound similar. you could spend full days on this website and never get bored
esthero - official website for the lil' pink faerie
file 13 records - excellent philly label featuring some of the best electronic/shoegaze bands, including antarctica.
hands free method - my friend and former bandmate joel's band - hands free method (awesome indie rock)
ipecac recordings - MIKE PATTON, MOTHERFUCKER.
jon brion - the coolest producer/musician/film scorer in the world- jon brion.
daniel lanois - i'm a stranger, in the eyes of the maker.... one of the best songwriters ever.
nick drake - official and most comprehensive site on this amazing songwriter
portishead - the band that changed my life and the main reason my band beauty's confusion exists
the shins - not a lot of info on their official site, but... they're one of the best bands of all-time
tiger style records - a great label with a lot of gorgeous, dreamy indie rock
- #1 source of trip-hop info online. well-done and interesting. all artists on this site are incredible.
urban smarts - excellent hip-hop review/interview site.

electronic musician-related
future producers - great site with informative forums on writing all styles of electronic-based music. - the most thorough website on music gear and reviews. incredibly interesting website. also home of the OLGA (online guitar archive) which features thousands of guitar tabs for private research and/or learning songs.
homegrown sounds - great sample CD library company... high-quality samples, good prices.
kvr audio - the best site for free VST instruments, & discussion of electronic music making. i LOVE this site.
- Free samples up the ass! - a very cool synth/review/info site. - Distributors of TONS of sample CD libraries. - Another cool site like - Cool synthesizer site, lots of info. - Sample CD libraries, UK-based distributor. You pay out the ass, but they have it all. - extremely cool website about everything midi/sound design/production. rich knows his shit. - information on vintage synthesizers. one of the coolest websites around, even though it is hardly updated.


indie film-related
- get a TON of indie film DVDs from this site, cheap. new site in 05... great resource for finding great films.
2-pop - a thorough site dedicated to indie filmmaking - the philadelphia film commission. awesome site - great site dedicated to low-budget indie filmmaking
indie film links at - (lots!)
beautiful confusion films - home of "mere aquaintance", "deadroom" and several other great indie films.
tablegirl films
- jason armour's website (writer/actor of "mere aquaintance")
panasonic dvx100 forums - message board dedicated to the panasonic DVX100a 24p mini DV camcorder.